Boston terrier

Boston Terrier – a breed of small decorative dog with a head of the bulldog and the body of the terrier.

Boston terrierIt is a kind of creation, which must find a specific approach. They love affection, love and attention, but, unlike many other breeds, it is independent and can live without a host, while he is at work.

A medium-sized breed of dog, bred in the XIX century in the United States by crossing the English bulldog and English terrier, followed by the addition of other breeds. Boston is friendly, unpretentious and hardy, loves people and is friendly with children. By the way, Boston Terrier, from 1979 is the official symbol of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston will conquer you with its full profundity look and cute flattened muzzle at a glance.

Vibrant energy, good-natured, beautiful ‘guard’ quality – all this makes Boston a desirable inhabitant of any house.

The breed has an excellent character and high level of intelligence, so that the Boston Terrier – an incomparable companion. Very smart, vigilant, and more enthusiastic, the Boston Terrier is very Boston terrier breedaffectionate and loyal to his master. It supermobile dog, by the way, has a great sense of humor. He need constant interaction with the man, and so he actually becomes a full-fledged member of the family. He is very sensitive in nature, feels perfectly the tone of your voice and the atmosphere that reigns in the house and around it.

Boston Terrier breed was launched as the perfect companion with a boundless confidence in the owner and his family. Any action of this breed dog households perceive granted willingly and meekly allowing ourselves to bathe, comb or brush your teeth. They love children, gently and willingly play with them. It is convenient in maintenance and has a quiet, gentle nature pet. Guard qualities of the boston terrier allow him to notify the owner barking all suspicious noises and rustles, but bite or show aggression toward the intruder, they are not able.

Since more than a hundred years Boston terrier breed for the whole family, they are almost ideal companions, the main feature of which is a boundless love for the owner. They prefer to stay in the company of its owner, regardless of time, place of residence or other circumstances. This allows you to take your pet with you everywhere. In addition, the Boston Terrier breed is very compact, it does not occupy a lot of space and does not require special facilities. Boston terriers are active all his life, right up to a ripe old age.

In general, the nature of Boston terrier are peace and quiet, they have a balanced psyche, they are not subject to violent outbursts, aggression or misbehavior. Very fond of communicating with a person, especially if it is expressed through active play, and not averse to fool around with other dogs or other pets.

Another feature of the Boston terrier is its so-called “conscience”.

If it was somewhere misbehavior, and he should be punished, you are unlikely to be able to do it. The expression of his face, overwhelmed with feelings of deep remorse for their actions, or, at least, he pretends to repent, and, as a rule, voluntary surrender, makes your heart tremble and hand simply does not rise to punish. Boston thin feels all of these notes, and realizing that you have forgiven him, quickly returns to its typical playful mood.

Boston terrier breedIn general, the Boston Terrier is very healthy and active dog that does not give you a lot of trouble. The dog does not need constant supervision or control. She is very independent, which allows you to leave her at home alone (do not check it at a good enough education and full confidence in the “integrity” of your pet). In any case, a sufficiently long loneliness “devastating” effect on any breed, at the Boston Terrier in particular. If you can not leave someone at home to look after the dog, get a second, or in extreme cases – a cat. Boston terrier muzzle recommended periodically cleaned with a damp cloth. In the folds of the skin on the face can accumulate dust / dirt and form infections. Often bathe your dog is not desirable only if clearly needed. Also do not forget about breathing problems caused by a shortened muzzle. The breed is very poorly adapted to severe frost or heat. In winter, they need to dress in a wool sweater or something else (for severe frosts provided special footwear). In summer, try to avoid overheating in the sun. Representatives of this breed often snore during sleep.