Appearance (Description)

Small size of the dog, format square, stocky build.

boston terrier AppearanceThe eyes are large, round dark. The coat of the Boston Terrier is very pleasant to the touch, a short, glossy and smooth. The tail is short. The dog must embody the determination, strength and activity, high-order style, stay easy and graceful.

Proportionate combination of “color and white markings” – a distinctive feature of a typical representative of the breed. “Balance, Expression, Color and Markings” – these are the features which should be given special consideration when determining the value of the general form relative to other traits.

With the growth of 36 to 44 cm, representatives of this breed weighing 5 to 12 kg.

On the photo boston terrier miniature, with a large head, large round eyes, a wide mouth and small erect ears, a triangular shape. They look funny and elegant, thanks to the brindle and white markings are symmetrically arranged on the muzzle. The people got a comic called “four-legged gentleman.”

Color can not only be brindle, but also white and black markings with white or black colors. The coat is short, tight, almost does not fade. The short tail is quite thin and low set. The head of a small square with a flattened face, broad nose lobe, square jaws. The eyes of all shades of brown.

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