It is balanced, calm, kind and gentle creature.

boston terrier charakterBoston Terrier loves children, as he somewhat remains a child throughout life. These are active dogs who like to indulge in, but the heavy loads they do not like.

For strangers are friendly, but the owner will not give offense. Despite its small size, able to intimidate someone else who wish to cause harm to any member of the Boston family.

About breed boston terrier entirely positive reviews from owners. These dogs do not pose a problem to anyone, preferring to enjoy life and not be distracted over trifles host.

Easy to train, but do not tolerate brute force and high tones. They are dogs who are happy are trained using the “carrot”, but because of the “stick” turn in on themselves.

First and foremost, the quality of boston terrier – credulity.

Even adult dogs can easily get away with a stranger, if he would take them on a leash. The activity and temperament these dogs is expressed in their desire to constantly play, run, jump, and they can compete in agility and other sports. The friendliness of the Boston Terrier is applicable to all, without exception. Children love to play with these big-dogs. A sense of humor – the distinctive quality of the Boston Terrier. To a stranger to the dogs encountered on the street this breed can be treated cautiously, and even show aggression: affects terrier temperament. On the other pets living on the same territory with them, boston terriers gentle friends. The sensitivity and emotionality are more characteristic of bitches, they can greatly suffer because of too sharp reprimand host and eager to please him in everything. Males are more independent.

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