English bulldog and English terrier became the ancestors of the first representative boston terrier, which was taken in the mid-nineteenth century.

boston terrier historyDog handlers have set a goal to bring ornamental rocks with unlimited trust in the person and the desire to accompany the owner everywhere. The aristocratic looks and irrepressible temperament boston terrier droops new breed recognition in various circles dog lovers. Small breed confusion with the name ceased after giving it the name of the city where it began its existence. Boston Terrier was the first breed, officially withdrawn in the US than Americans are extremely proud of. Currently at home Boston Terrier is one of the twenty-five most popular breeds, but in Europe and in Russia, the number of these dogs is small.

Bostons were crossed with English terriers and an English bulldog in 1860. Breeders wanted to get a dog with all the positive qualities of both breeds that they managed. From US boston terrier got muscular limbs, strong neck and strong bones, but from Bulldogs – head, cheerful disposition and complaisance.

The progenitor of the modern Boston Terriers was male English terrier named Judge. In 1865, an immigrant from England, named Robert Hooper brought the dog with his former homeland in the United States (Boston, Massachusetts). Judge was a true Englishman, his entire lineage consisted of British rock, has a friendly and at the same time courageous character. He was a powerful, stocky build, weighs about 15 kg. Judge was a dark color with a white collar and a bright blaze on the forehead. It tied with the English bulldog bitch. Gyp, was the name of a bitch, owned by a resident of Massachusetts Edward Barnett. It was completely white color, smaller, but with a strong head (a characteristic bulldogs) and a short tail, weighing about 9 kg.

In the history preserved the name of only one child from this mating – Well’s Eph.

boston terrier historyEph did not inherit from their parents a beautiful appearance and a special appeal did not differ, on the contrary – was nasty or even ugly. Eph weighed about 13 kg, was dark brindle with small marks on each paw.

Despite this, the Eph has made to light much more attractive offspring, known under the pseudonym Barnard’s Tom. Tom was the first, who showed decent and refined features of the modern breed boston terrier. Thanks to an interesting appearance, Tom often mated with females of different hybrids.

To achieve official recognition for the breed, its fans had to overcome strong resistance on the part of breeders Bull Terriers and English Bulldogs. They believed that a new breed of even remotely resembles any of the species, taken as a basis, and therefore they should not be equated and even more so to allocate an independent line. As “newly formed” the breed has not had its own name, at the exhibition in Boston in 1878, she took part as “terrier”. This introduces additional confusion and caused an even bigger protest against the new terrier. Assigning breed a new category called “bull terrier round-headed” in 1888, the situation did not changed, or even improved. The turning point was in 1889, then founded the American Bullterrier Club. Two years later, Charles Leland (founder of the club), has begun to establish a standard for boston terrier, which at first was called “American Bullterrier”, but given the confusion and the experience of the past years, the breed was renamed “boston terrier”. As a result, the breed acquired a new name under which it is known today, and was created by the American Boston Terrier Club.

1893 was a landmark for the boston terrier.

The breed was officially approved by the breeder’s associations, and its representatives were first shown at the exhibition already under his name. Bitch boston terrier named Tupsi became the first champion in 1896 at the exhibition, held in Philadelphia.

Since then, the popularity of the breed grew rapidly. She entered the top 25 most popular breeds and became the official symbol of Massachusetts since 1979.

Nowadays, Americans are very proud of this breed. Now the Boston Terrier is included in the 25 most popular dog breeds in America, born in the year 12-13 thousand puppies, and the population is about 120 thousand individuals.

In England, the first Boston hit in 1901, and the breed club was established only in 1935. In Europe, this breed is not very well known, probably because for most people the difference of boston terrier and French bulldog are invisible. But experts know that there are differences in appearance, and in addition, these two species have very different characters.

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