Maintenance and Care

Boston Terrier is a decorative dog, and excellent companion.

Boston has a friendly nature, moving, energetic temperament. They are very clever and flexible, love kids, and are tied to the family in which they liv English bulldog and English terrier became the ancestors of the Boston terrier Carefirst representative boston terrier, which was taken in the mid-nineteenth century. Dog handlers have set a goal to bring ornamental rocks with unlimited trust in the person and the desire to accompany the owner everywhere. The aristocratic looks and irrepressible temperament boston terrier droops new breed recognition in various circles dog lovers. Small breed confusion with the name ceased after giving it the name of the city where it began its existence. Boston Terrier was the first breed, officially withdrawn in the US than Americans are extremely proud of. Currently at home Boston Terrier is one of the twenty-five most popular breeds, but in Europe and in Russia, the number of these dogs is small.e. Despite their kindness, small stature, and “golden character” boston terrier excellent and sensitive watchman, who, if not cope with the intruder on their own, be sure to warn the owner. However, without proper training, Boston can be too trusting, and leave with a stranger.

Boston Terrier enough to reside close to their owners, so it is fairly quiet behaves in a room. These dogs thrive in a city apartment or a condominium, on the condition that you will give enough time for the necessary training.

Train of the Boston Terrier puppy is necessary from a very early age, teaching them to socialize, because the breed has some stubbornness. Training will not be difficult, since boston very smart dog.

This dog perfectly fit into the interior of any apartment.

He loves to play and walk, but in the absence of time, the owner, will be completely satisfied and walk on a leash, in the strengthened physical activity does not need the dog. In cold weather dog moves is not very good, so walk in the cold is better to put on a jacket. And in the heat should avoid physical exertion.

boston terrier CareBefore you buy a Boston Terrier, you need to know how to care for members of this breed. They require little care. There is no need to comb out short hair. Enough to buy a special tough glove, with which removed the dead skin particles, pure wool and at the same time is a nice massage.

To bathe this breed should be rare, as needed. After a walk wipe pet, removing dirt. Pay special attention to his eyes and ears. The eyes need to constantly wash and clean the ears with a cotton swab. The claws cut as necessary.

Wash the dog when necessary (white wool soiled areas into foul weather). Short wool Boston, even during the moult will not give you significant problems, periodically enough to comb the dog with a stiff brush. It must be remembered that most of the dogs with the structure of the faces have some difficulty breathing, and therefore little snoring.

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