Psychological picture

It is a living, daring and playful dog.

boston terrier Psychological pictureBoston Terrier – is a delightful combination of determination, strength, balance and grace. Boston Terrier dog is shy, but it can stand up for himself and his master, is very affectionate, gets along well with
children, obedient, he loves to play.

They are simple in training, but are very sensitive, so if you raise voice on them, they can become frustrated, that is eloquently expressed in their cute little faces. Dogs of this breed do not belong to the fighters, but they are extremely loyal to their family and will defend it if necessary. In addition, it is quiet, friendly, sociable and curious dog.

A good memory and a fairly high intelligence makes Boston a wonderful household in any family. However, by virtue of their spurting key energy, it needs long walks and regular trips out of town. Boston terriers are endlessly devoted to their owners, and their slight increase will never be an obstacle to adequately protect themselves or their “leader” – master.

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